Drill Mills 

A single tool that simultaneously drills and mills an isolated pad in a circuit board without the time and expense of etching. 

From the initial breadboarding operation to the final production phase, circuit board manufacturing is often plagued by time consuming debugging, rework and expensive etching operations.  This is especially true in high frequency circuits where the relative parts position is crucial to the stability and operation of the circuit. 

Utilizing the Drill Mill, exact duplication can be made of the etched circuitry without the time and expense of etching.  The Drill Mill isolates each pad as desired and truly represents the parts position of the final etched circuit board.  Utilizing the Drill Mill, an engineer can mount all common electronic components on a copper clad circuit board and even add to or alter circuitry of an etched board on a simple operation.  The result is as rugged as an etched PC board and simplifies drafting and production procedures. 

The Drill Mill is an essential tool to eliminate waste, lost time and expense and scrap of rerunning the boards through etching.  It is available either singly in a range of 10 to 20 in diameter, or may be ordered as a set for increased versatility.

How to Order
Catalog No. Mill Diameter Drill Size
DM -6010 .10" .040" (#60 HSS)
DM-6015 .15" .040" (#60 HSS)
DM-6020 .20" .040" (#60 HSS)

Available in sets of three (one of each) or individually. Replacement Drills - #60 (.40) HSS or #60 (.40) Carbide.